The ultimate cabin beer – Backwoods Bastard

Inspired by the earlier posted study (see end of this post) about beer strength one seeks to validate the reported findings. And luckily gets a grip on Founders Backwoods Bastard. Supposedly the ultimate cabin beer of faraway forests.

Oak bourbon barrel aged, 10,2%, IBU 50. Only it should be enjoyed in far darker far deeper in the woods than feasible for the moment. With bears around. In sight of creepy guy hiding in bushes with a shotgun.

The beer then – not far from perfect. Strong sweet smell, dark brown yeasty appearance. Very malty flavor with complex kick, most probably due to bourbon barrel aging. Also there is notable twist from pretty high alcohol content, only improving the overall sensation. For sure this ain’t anything like Elephant beer. One bottle of this stuff is just about the right amount and best enjoyed nice’n’slowly’n’relaxed way.

One sure has to point out this bottle did have exceptionally high expectations. But hey, that’s important part of the overall story. Also there are much higher stakes for the beer brand if the expectations wouldn’t be met for some reason. Seen this unfortunate thing to happen too, even in a tasting event. You gotta earn the respect and there’s a reason whenever a good standing has been widely achieved. Indeed, this beer earns respectable full 100 points in in all beers category as well as among its peers in Scotch Ale style category. Besides, overall feeling is much more than simply sensations of taste buds. Let’s just call it beer-human physical-psychological microcosmos. (If it were not backwoods stuff this time, easily could add social dimension to the definition.)

Empirical test today seems to be nicely in line with the reported study results. On the other side, even if low-alc beers generally may not be highly appreciated also they may be very good, probably not great though. If you wanna have a great beer, all aspects of the beer need to be great.


Earlier posted study (in Finnish): Tutkielma alkoholipitoisuuden yhteydestä oluiden arvostamiseen

Seuraava kuva näyttää olutharrastajien pisteytykset eri vahvuisille oluille. 

(1) Alkoholipitoisuudeltaan vahvempia oluita pidetään yleisesti parempina.

(2) Alkoholipitoisuuden kasvu ei kuitenkaan paranna olutta loputtomiin.

(3) Vahvoista oluista parhaan pistekeskiarvon saivat 13–15-prosenttiset, tosin ero muihin yli 10-prosenttisiin ei ole tilastollisesti merkitsevä.

(4) Kakkos- ja kolmosoluita pidetään yhtä hyvinä.

Lähde: Teorioita oluesta -blogi, mistä myös löytyy koko study.


5.6.2015 / Jani

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