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Amazing weekend starter: French cider and food pairing on porch

Chef at your service That’s already quite amazing to have someone prepare a private full menu dinner. And then, on previous Friday all that was raised to a power when the dude in the picture took this task. He worked earlier as a chef in a French Michelin star place, nowadays working in own restaurant… Lue lisää »

Sahticocktails – Salute to the great history of Sahti

Sahti batch few weeks ago turned out to be quite decent to say the least. One can appreciate this noble drink and its traditions not only by sticking with pure sahti alone. In addition, we wanted to see how it would contribute to drink mixes and whether its nature would remain recognizeable in a line… Lue lisää »

The ultimate cabin beer – Backwoods Bastard

Inspired by the earlier posted study (see end of this post) about beer strength one seeks to validate the reported findings. And luckily gets a grip on Founders Backwoods Bastard. Supposedly the ultimate cabin beer of faraway forests. Oak bourbon barrel aged, 10,2%, IBU 50. Only it should be enjoyed in far darker far deeper… Lue lisää »

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